Interesting plugin in Zotero

Jan 1, 2022 9:00 AM — 4:30 PM

When you have a lot of references to handle and spend a lot of time doing so, Zotero is a great option.

Introduction of Zotero

According to the official Zotero website [, it is a free, simple tool for collecting, organizing, citing, and sharing research in your daily research life.In the meantime, since it is open-source software, many people have developed various plugins that enable Zotero to handle different tasks that other reference management software is not able to. In this workshop, we will briefly introduce several plugins that I think are very useful in terms of managing your references.

Zotero and its plugin download method

On this website, we can download Zotero[<>]. There are three options: The first one is Zotero software for Windows, where we can download Zotero on your computer, and the second is the Zotero connector, which could save your references from your browser. The third one is the Zotero plugins. We will talk about them later. There are many tutorials on how to download Zotero onto your computer, so we will not talk too much regarding the topic of downloading software.

Zotero download

How to add plugins into zotero?

Zotero Connectors of browser

On the official website where we download Zotero for Windows, we click Install Chrome Connector (I use Chrome, for example). If you use other browsers like Firefox, you can select Zotero connectors for other browsers from the button below.

After clicking that, we can access the Google shop, and click “Add extension to Chrome.” Then you will be able to use Zotero connectors from your browser.

Zotero connector

You should see a Zotero indication on the right side of your browser after you add the connector to your browser. We’ll go over how to use it later.

The Browser Connector is a crucial Zotero plugin that allows it to link to other online databases like Google Scholar, Web of Science, and others. So make sure you have it downloaded before moving on to the next stage.

The other plugins in zotero

When you have downloaded all of these we mentioned before, we should be able to open Zotero now. Congratulations! The use pages are as follows:

If you are a new user of Zotero, there are many online tutorials where you can learn the basic functions of Zotero.

Auto-extract annotate word

Many students would like to highlight in their PDF documents, when they find something important and would like to save it. This problem could be perfectly solved by using this Zotero plugin.

Download Zotfile

You can download Zotfile in this websit

Install Zotfile in Zotero

To install an add-on from Zotfile, open Zotero, go to “Tools—add on,” then click the gear on the right, then “install add-on from file” and choose the file you downloaded from the website. After installation, restart Zotero and then you should be able to use it.

Annotation extraction is supported by multiple PDF readers. Now I will use the default PDF reader in Microsoft Edge as an example to show you how this could work.

We open the PDF file directly from Zotero, and then implement underline and highlight annotations on it.

Here, I read a paper and then save the PDF with my highlights and comments.

Then right-click on the related entry in the Zotero software interface and select “Extract Annotations” from the pop-up dialogue box. We should then be able to access our annotation file.

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